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Tokyo Ghoul: Bloody Masquerade


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In downtown Tokyo, ghouls are on the move...

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In downtown Tokyo, ghouls are on the move, and they can only quench their thirst with coffee and their bloodthirst with human flesh. Humans are easy prey, but the investigators from the fearful CCG are on the lookout. Their job : make the ghouls out in the crowd and hunt them down. In this bluff-and-deduction board game, play as one of 15 different characters from the anime, including Kaneki, Touka, Juzo and Rize.
Whether you are a mere human, a ghoul, or an investigator : roam the streets of Tokyo, keep your identity a secret, investigate, and cover your tracks.It is up to you to uncover the other player’s real nature and come out on top.

• 1 Game board
• 8 Location tiles
• 8 Investigation boards
• 24 Clue cards
• 16 Character cards
• 16 Character tokens
• 140 Suspicion tokens
• 1 Action token
• 1 Rules booklet
• 8 Mask cards
• 8 Support tokens


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Tokyo Ghoul: Bloody Masquerade

Tokyo Ghoul: Bloody Masquerade

In downtown Tokyo, ghouls are on the move...